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The King's Crossing

...was the main attraction.

The Gabemeister
5 February
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80s, 90s, aaron sorkin, ac/dc, al pacino, alcohol, alex p. keaton, arrested development, art, arthur nersesian, back to the future, becker, beer, bongs, books, boy meets world, catcher in the rye, charles bukowski, charles in charge, chasing amy, chuck berry, chuck palahniuk, cinema, clerks, cognac, collateral, comedy, conan o'brien, danica mckellar, daron malakian, dave grohl, devendra banhart, dirty jokes, dogma, don perignon, drums, dvd's, economics, elliott smith, entourage, family ties, films, food, freaks and geeks, fred savage, friends, george carlin, girls, grandaddy, guitar, guns n' roses, ham on rye, hawkeye pierce, henry chinaski, history, howard stern, jack daniels, jason lee, jay and silent bob, jean claude van damme, jeff buckley, jeremy piven, jim carrey, jimmy kimmel live, john cusack, john dolmayan, john ritter, johnny cash, jokes, jonathan brandis, judgement night, kevin arnold, kevin dillon, kevin smith, krist noveselic, kurt cobain, kush, ladybugs, led zeppelin, leonardo dicaprio, m*a*s*h, made, mallrats, marlon brando, martin scorsese, marty mcfly, matt damon, michael j. fox, michael mann, mitch hedberg, movies, my name is earl, nicolas cage, nirvana, novels, on the waterfront, pablo francisco, pipes, politics, prison break, private parts, red hot chillipeppers, reservoir dogs, robert de niro, roller coasters, saved by the bell, screenwriting, seaquest dsv, seinfeld, serj tankian, shavo odadjian, sidekicks, sin city, slc punk, songwriting, spin city, sports night, stand up comedy, step by step, stephen king's it, swingers, system of a down, television, tequila, the beatles, the bourne identity, the bourne supremacy, the cure, the fuck up, the godfather, the oc, the sopranos, the usual suspects, the west wing, the wonder years, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, theatre, three's company, trent walker, tv, veronica mars, vince vaughn, vodka, wayne arnold, weed, whiskey, william saroyan, winnie cooper, women, writing