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wake up from this dream

went to visit the old school, someone talked shit, kicked his ass.
went back next day, heard someones been looking for me.
afterwards my friend and i left, and some hispanic kid came saying
it was him looking for me. he wanted to fight.
i told him to fuck off 'cos i ain't fightin no 14y/o.
during my fight the day before, apparently he got involved and i hit him.
i don't even remember.
so we're by this truck, and he reaches his hand somewhere on the truck,
and he pulls out a gun.
i nearly shit my pants. without thinking twice, i grab the gun.
both hands on the gun.
it's practically pointing at me, i'm bending it to the side.
my friend doesn't know what to do.
after about what seemed to be a minute of bending & struggling,
i broke the gun outta his hand, then i tossed it to the ground
and told my friend to get it.
i told my friend to pocket it, and i told the kid to come with me
to get some food, 'cos i was hungry.
so, we went to eat, the three of us.
i ended up having to pay for everyone.
apparently the little douche-bag had to kill me to be accepted
into a fucking gang.
i told the little shit-stain (who was pretty damn tall for his age)
that if he wanted to be poor and living in the ghetto the rest of
his life, then either be killed or spend the rest of his life
behind bars (and not the good kinda bars),
then the gang life was for him.
i said "if you wanna make money and be a gangster for a living,
then try to join a mob." i think i was making sense to the kid.
he kept talking about local gangs too much, though.
i don't know what'll happen with him, but...
i'm just glad i'm here to tell the story.
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