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strands flowing in the water
dropping from one place or another
plant-minded, making things a little faded
a little black & white, and a little more color
traveling from boredom to laziness
more should be getting spent done

note to self: got a chance to be something. got the chance of two. do something, make it happen, be something, and don't blow it....please.

grades for recently seen flicks:
"Waiting..." = */*** [half-a-star]
"Jarhead" = */***
"The Weather Man" = ****/****

great flicks i've discovered while netflix'n:
platoon, judgement night, pulp fiction
die hard, detroit rock city, & barfly
[mostly pop.flix i didn't feel like buying yet]
enjoyed some others. like cusack flicks and what not.

current shows i watch: prison break, the oc, arrested development (fuck you FOX for trying to cancel!,) veronica mars, my name is earl... also how i met your mother, the war at home, and reunion has become something i watch even though it's lame and extremely cheesy. cable shows are: the sopranos, deadwood, entourage, and curb your enthusiasm. i'd like to catch back up with "scrubs."

i've written enough. more than enough. i don't know why i even did. i don't think anybody ever reads these. i guess i'm just writing a journal to myself. from myself, for myself. like a real journal... i guess that's not too bad. kinda has a good ring to it.

ring, ring...

[foolish. had past 2 entries private. unrelease.]
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