i withdrew from lj again.

one of my best friends was murdered a few days after my last entry.

stabbed to death in a random act of violence outside a party.
gang initiation type deal, apparently.

he left my house less than 2 hours before it happened...

hasn't been a day since where he hasn't been on my mind.

the pain grows stronger, watch it grin...

miss you bad, bud.
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tweet tweet

I've been twatting. muhaha

follow me:

I've gotten into podcasts lately. I dig:
- The Adam Carolla Podcast
- SModcast (w/ Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier)
- I Love Movies (w/ Doug Benson)

Thinking about doing one myself.

Mart said Killshot was a huge disappointment. That was kind of a bummer, 'cos I was looking forward to seeing it...I saw it late last night/early morning, and I loved it. I don't know what he was smokin'. Ghostbusters, however, was kiiiiiiind of a disappointment. It was the first time I ever watched it... I had been holding off on it. I can still appreciate it, especially 'cos it's got Murray & Aykroyd in the cast, but I was hoping for something more funny, and entertaining, I guess. Maybe I'll find that in the sequel. All in all, 3/5.
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new ep tonight.

greg gunberg (matt parkman) says tonights ep is the best ever.

3rd ep since brian fuller has returned as showrunner, and the last two were awesome. glad to see the show getting back on track.

fuller was the showrunner on heroes during season 1, but then left to work on pushing daisies, but since daisies has been canned, he has returned as showrunner on heroes, and thank goodness, 'cos the show was sucking without him... he's promised to make it like it was in season 1, and so far, he's a man of his word. pushing daisies was a good show, and i'm a TAD saddened to see it go, but heroes is far superior, so i'm happy. and um...
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it's been

two years, two months, and twenty days since my last post...

& exactly three months to the day my grandmother (my favorite person in the world) passed away. -- still just not the same w/o her. has left such a hole. deep, deep.

&& six days since i turned 22... how about that?

went out around 2:30 am
paris og'd in franklin hills w/ a. ogan
got some fatburger-- damn they're pricey!
$11 for a regular fatburger with fries and drink.

there is...

much to say.
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i sit here listening to
the sounds of silence

the actual
sounds of silence.

it's so beautiful.

but it all comes to an end
at some point--

something gets in the way;
be it death,
or hunger,

there's no music playing.
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the world should end
and be reborn
as a place
where people could live

...some people never go crazy,
what truely horrible lives they must lead.

- The Buk

it's good to go nuts once in a while.
once. in. a. while.

the future loves me.
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whiskey works better than beer


Johnnie Walker ran

Met the wise man past down Alameda
He stared deep into my eyes
Saw my soul, it was a vista
Stood face to face in a silent talk
Seperated by the cracks in the sidewalk
Speeding into gear, shifting into fear
This man was a sear
He shuffled my hand, and whispered in my ear
Wise man told me whiskey works better than beer
Whiskey works better than beer
And whiskey works better than beer
He told me whiskey works better than beer
Whiskey works better than beer
Whiskey works better than beer
He told me whiskey works better than beer

I smiled and walked away
Beneath the dying day
He stood there for a stay---
And I play to remain
You're bound to go insane
When all your gain is pain
I dried in the rain
And met this fellow now
He asked me for a how
And he asked me for a way
I shook his hand, a fay
Then I laughed and sneered a sneer
Filled his eyes with blear
Stood face to face, a peer
Then I whispered in his ear
And I told him that--
A wise man told me whiskey works better than beer
Whiskey works better than beer
And whiskey works better than beer
He told me whiskey works better than beer
Whiskey works better than beer
Whiskey works better than beer
He told me whiskey works better than beer

Johnnie Walker ran

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The End, my only friend...

they key to a happy life
is to not be afraid of death
but at the same time
if you're not afraid of death
you're an idiot.

doors was an ok movie. love val kilmer & kevin dillon.
i related with jim morisson.
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The D Word

the other day, coming home,
my neighbor and i made small talk.
he is in his late 40s and has cancer.
over the past couple years,
he has gone from looking young and healthy (though a bit pudgy),
to looking old and sick.
after talking, i unlocked the door,
walked inside, locked the door,
turned around, and it all hit me,
like a punch in the gut.
i stood there, still,
in shock, for about two minutes.
terribly amazing how life can fuck you,
and not even have the decency to kiss you first.
he seems to be doing well, though,
i really hope he does.

life and death.
life wants more life,
death wants more death.

i seem to have death on my mind a lot.
sorta like i take it with me wherever i go.
before, i never even really thought about it too much.
i never really feared death or anything.
although both my grandfathers have passed,
death still never seemed to be all that real to me,
and then, all of a sudden, it was all too real.
i just can't understand it.

went to palm springs for the 2nd time this year,
not a fan of the place, but it was alright.
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