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back to the hard way

I stand outside, alone
Looking up, staring at the world
It stares back at me
I am little

screenplay is going well.
bought 75shares of sirius satelite radio stock.
going to buy more.

"what are you gonna be for halloween?"
a douche-bag.
now go fuck yourselves.

halloween was lame. first time out on glenoaks, doing nothing.

week before, wednesday:
now, two wednesdays ago;
after months of growing my hair out to nose-length, i got it chopped off.
later, i drove alone to amc burbank 16 for a private screening for my friend greg's film "relative strangers." - i experienced some road rage, got pissed quite a bit. the movie was good. greg handed me the script for his movie that i will star in and exec. produce. it was about midnight, i headed over to kinko's to make a copy to send to an investor. i was making a right on vine to go into the kinko's parking lot, and this suspicious mexican/latino/hispanic/whatever the fuck you wanna call him--dude was passing by... so, i stopped and gave him the right of way, but he insisted that i enter the parking lot, so i did. as i was parking my car, i looked beside me and saw that same dude walking towards me as he looked around checking if anyone was around while he had his hands in his jacket pockets... we were alone, and he was heading towards me with something in his pocket... a gun, a knife, a dildo? who knows. a million thoughts ran through my mind... i said fuck this, set the gear on reverse, and backed the fuck outta there. shit... nearly got mugged/killed/whatever.
that's the second time some shit like that has happened to me.
the other time, i was nearly kidnapped.
it was august 22, 1995... it was my aunts brothers wedding... it was late at night, probably again around midnight... i was eight... my cousin, who was maybe four years older than me, and i went out to buy donuts from the street beside us... we were at a restaurant where the wedding reception/party/whatever was taking place... anyway, we crossed the street and went into the donut shop... my cousin bought his donut, then i bought mine, and turned around, and my cousin had left. i dont remember if i knew he left when he did or if i bought my donut, turned around, and he had gone already... anyway, i was alone... i walked out, i started to cross the street, and in the middle of the street on my right, a car, an old oldsmobile, i think, with like 5 guys in their 30s or so stopped in the middle of the street, and like 2 or 3 of them got out and started walking towards me as they looked around. i got scared, dropped everything, and ran my ass off to the restaurant. i got in and stuck my head back out, and i saw them get back in the car, and drive off, dissapointed.

okay, onto some good stuff...
this past tuesday, i got me some decent action.
was twice nice.
stoned and drunk and pumping away.
twice nice, twice nice.
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