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tweet tweet

I've been twatting. muhaha

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I've gotten into podcasts lately. I dig:
- The Adam Carolla Podcast
- SModcast (w/ Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier)
- I Love Movies (w/ Doug Benson)

Thinking about doing one myself.

Mart said Killshot was a huge disappointment. That was kind of a bummer, 'cos I was looking forward to seeing it...I saw it late last night/early morning, and I loved it. I don't know what he was smokin'. Ghostbusters, however, was kiiiiiiind of a disappointment. It was the first time I ever watched it... I had been holding off on it. I can still appreciate it, especially 'cos it's got Murray & Aykroyd in the cast, but I was hoping for something more funny, and entertaining, I guess. Maybe I'll find that in the sequel. All in all, 3/5.
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