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keep on dreamin' boy, 'cos when you stop dreamin', it's time to die

a lot has happened. a lot;
-my first male cousin (from my first cousins) got married. i'm the youngest cousin, he was the middle. the oldest isn't married yet. the oldest looks sort of like a puffy kiefer sutherland, kind of...
-since may of last '05, i had made a good friend. over time, we had become very close friends... we grew close quick. turns out, he was a douchebag. he talked shit behind everyones backs, bullshitted about everything. we took him to griffith park and gave him a piece of our mind.
-getting caught w/ ganj-
-my uncles had a stroke. his face is gonna be a little off for a little while, i guess.
-i did an extremely cheesy mini-series that i hope no one ever sees. got some flick stuffs going on, more on those later...

i spent the weekend-of-prior-to-the-4th-of-July in Palm Springs, CA again, even though last year it really stunk. looking back, it was good times, but while i was there, most of it was boring and shitty... this time we stayed less and had more people and smaller space, but had more fun. there was this one dude there that didn't say more than 10 words the whole time we were there. he would always be watching the tv, like he's gazing into it, like a heart surgeon gazing into an aorta. at 3am or so, he went straight from hours and hours of not moving his eyes off the tv to just lying back to where i was sitting (i went up to wash my hands or something) and he just, in a second flat, just fell asleep. then he woke up hours later around 8 or 9 am, and went back straight into the tv watching, as if he never stopped and had been following the programming all along.

levonade haze pwns

last year something terrible happened in Palm Springs that i didn't feel comfortable enough to write about it at the time, i guess. - so, my friends and i were hanging in our rooms, and there were US soldiers or marines or whatever staying next door to us or somewhere nearby on our floor... so one of those guys was in our room talking to us... having a good time... he drank what he called our "expensive" vodka and loved it... he was drunk already though... so then my other friends arrived... after a while, they wanted to get rid of this guy, so when he walked out, one of my friends locked the door, and then when he came back, we didn't answer. so, in the morning we found out that he went drunk driving and hit a wall and died. he was from Utah, and was going to have a baby with his girlfriend in 10 days... still makes me sad. i think, maybe i shoulda gotten up and let him in, i knew i wanted to, 'cos he was cool... but if he got in, who's to say he wouldn't have done the same after he had left without us locking him out? eh, who knows, i just hope those who he left behind are well.

well, i guess this is good enough for now.
will try to try to attempt another update soon.
smile for me. keep it still. keep it real. peaceness'd --
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