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momentry - moment to remember

earlier in the year
late at night
i decided to go to mcdonalds.
can't remember if the drive-thru
was too long
or i just didn't feel like driving through
i parked the car.
big mac, some fries, and a powerade
maybe a cheeseburger or two
i waited for my order.
as i waited, a young, beautiful latin woman walked in
or maybe she was already there
i hadn't really noticed
she had joined the line
she was with her son
she made her order
as her son ran about
and i had a view
of her ass
waiting to explode out of those suit-pants
and those breasts
those magnificent breasts
it was as if they were speaking to me
we felt like long lost friends
wanting to get together
i had quite the view.
i look behind us
and there stands a black man
not that old of a guy
but bottom of the food chain
probably just got off a shift at a car-wash
or judging by the time and his appearance
maybe he just got off selling crack
on the corner of la brea.
as i looked at him
he looked at me
and immediately
we shared a smile
a smile that could only be shared
by two men
in that moment.
it didn't matter
what our names were
where we were from
who we were
who we've killed
or who we've fucked
in that moment
we were the same person.
that was a good feeling
not too many of those around.
those delicious breasts still stood there
i enjoyed the view for as long as i could
knowing i'd never get to see those again.
the black man, too.
we knew it was just for show
just a preview to a movie we'd never see
no feeling or life to it
but it's own.
i knew i could have said something
might have found a way in those suit-pants
maybe not the same night, but given time
could have been possible
it's happened before
but this time was different
i didn't feel up to it
i was too weak
felt maybe the view was too much
too over-whelming, perhaps
or maybe i just wanted to
go home
and eat my fucking burger.
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