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son, we've got fire power the size of japanese soldiers

ring in the new year.
quit smoking, though i wasn't a heavy smoker.
smoking cigs, that is.
think i might need a break from mr. nice guys'
for a little while...or might not...or might.
half-baked, currently.

met robert on new years eve.
we, the guys, got a room to celebrate
drank 40oz., ate jack in the box, and had fun.
robert puked a lot. we laughed at him.
a week or so ago, he got in a car accident
i didn't really like the guy too much,
or knew him much at all, i felt bad for him,
and i thought he would die, since that's how it's always been.
he's awake by now, and is doing better. Thank God.

trying to gain weight.
had a thing for lady L
didn't go as i hoped (THANK CHRIST)
now over it.

new years eve was great.


boys, hollywood
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